So I finally did something with one of the domains I bought 2 years ago. I dedicated it to my friend Brad who had the idea some time ago. I'm trying to recruit him into writing a column. If I do I'm sure this page will be rated very R. In any case please go there and if you know Brad in any way please add some content. www.taserporn.com


So I went to Clutch in Flint last night. I have not been to Flint in a very long time. I really miss that piece of shit town. I use to go to school there in the early 90s and really have not been back much since then. That town really brings back memories. I guess I'll be going back there at the end of the month when my brother gets married.

Being a parent

I read an awesome blog today and it was rather profound. This quote really touched me. "A parent must do everything in his power to protect a creature that must do everything in its own power to grow independent of him."